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Could you be a Lodger!?

To be associated with a listening ‘space’ or ‘room’ as a lodger in the Wild Poplars soundscape is to indicate you’re central to that community. It also gives you access to 'verse carrying your name’ which speaks straight to your audience in the literary genre growing ‘like there’s no tomorrow’ (double meaning intended): poetry!

What's more you'll be supporting the arts and can enjoy rewards tailored to your needs: from a specially commissioned poem to a bespoke private performance. Give me a call on +44 (0) 7940 584752 or e-mail me to talk about becoming a ‘lodger’ of a space which might be waiting for you. There are over fifty of them!

Unlike many forms of cultural sponsorship, being a lodger in Wild Poplars carries the possibility of longevity (slightly questionable if we look at climate change). Nevertheless, this is a ‘lifetime’ project to see me through to my eighties!

Lodgers who’ve bagged their place to-date:

  • The Circus Ground
    Zippos Circus & The Centre for Circus Culture

  • Bird Garden
    Sue Cartwright

  • The Biodanza Barn
    Ruth Strupinsky

  • The Theatre
    Chris Barltrop

‘We love the idea of supporting fellow artists and poets who have a shared interest in circus through this unique form of engagement..’
— Chris Barltrop, Founder of The Centre for Circus Culture

Becoming a ‘Lodger’ is for those who want to show they are at the heart of the community of a particular room or space. Typically they have 'real homes’ which mirror the space I’m reflecting poetically.

I’ve either approached them or they've approached me. If they’re not aligned to the overall values of Wild Poplars they are ineligible!

Typically, Lodgers pay £250 or £500 for this pleasure, although some are so deserving that their ‘right to occupy’ is my gift.

Each Lodger will seek and enjoy different rewards. Occasionally two Lodgers may share a space e.g. The Centre for Circus Culture and Zippos Circus ‘co-habit’ as Lodgers of The Circus Ground.

The ‘Lodger’ model enables me to offset costs to the costs of building and maintaining this site and, I hope, one day to ensure Guest Poets, Resident Musicians and Featured Artists receive a small one off royalty.

Typical Lodger 'rewards' include a private or public performance of their space's works on a travel expenses only basis, a dedicated post about them and sometimes a poem (or two) inspired by them.