Absent Lodger - Tami Simon

Many outpourings from our ‘Absent Lodger’!

Many outpourings from our ‘Absent Lodger’!

Our ‘lodger’ in the Foundations is absent yet present. She lives elsewhere, minding her own listening estate called Sounds True. She loves paradox as much as I do and has been the vessel through which many seams of gold have poured into these foundations.

Her name is Tami Simon and she is Sounds True’s founder. I know she enjoys tea. I know she has a sense of humour. I don’t know if this post will reach her but if it does I hope the image I’ve selected will raise a smile!

The poem I’ve selected presents a stark contrast. It was inspired by a rare talk Tami gave on the theme of ‘Embracing Paradox’. My post on the same subject is here.

Sounds True has been a source of ‘good music’ for me for more years than I care to remember. Through its free weekly listening ‘Insights at the Edge’ I’ve been introduced to many of the figures who inhabit these rooms: Joanna Macy, Andrew Harvey, Caroline Casey to mention just three. There are many more. I have been moved to invest in entire series of interviews - ‘Waking Up in the World’ the latest, and a salve and challenge to these times. But to speak of subjects and treasure is not enough…

The underlying insightful and curious tone of Tami’s voice and presence is interwoven in every encounter.

Wisely perhaps - there are more poets than readers of poetry (although its shifting in the right direction) -Sounds True does not publish verse. If it did I would be invoking every god and energy from every discipline to bring us together! And yet, by the miracle of technology and imagination I can bring her to life here, as the absent but beloved ‘Lodger’ of the Foundations. Thank you Tami and all those who contribute to the beautiful listening estate across the pond.

And as Sounds True’s treasure has so often proved to be true, nothing is set in stone.

But these are foundations - we’ve got to have some stones! And we do, although they are alive and with the light from our Featured Artist, Rebecca Farkas