Mortar but no Boards


How many grains within the flowing mortar help cement these Foundations? Where does the soil begin and the roots end? They are all interdependent, no element less or more important than another. No mortarboards here!

But there are some honourable mentions. Here they are, in no particular order. Naturally there are omissions and repetitions.

Our Featured Artist, Resident Musician and Guest Poet have their own posts. Thank you, Rebecca, Daniel and Rebecca. So, too, does our ‘Absent Lodger’, Tami Simon from Sounds True.

The others? I welcome and thank Stephen Mitchell for his Zen interpretation of the Tao te Ching, Byron Katie for asking ‘Is that true’, Caroline Casey for relieving me of belief and entertaining possibilities, Tony and Claire Parsons for their absolute delight in removing any sense of anything else but ‘this’, Pema Chodron for pulling the rug from my feet and constantly relieving me of the stick I would beat myself up with, Mary Baker Eddy for being light years ahead of her time and giving me an upbringing based on being ‘male/female’, Salena Godden for helping reinstate rhyme as a contemporary medium for poets again, Maya Angelou for showing us where we belong, trees everywhere for giving me their metaphor, W H Auden for the Mail Train, Rumi, Benjamin Zephaniah, Christina Rossetti, Lao Tzu and Theodor Seuss Geisul (Dr Suess).

And woodpeckers, doors and doorways, Walter de la Mare for a plethora of verse and the dandling rhyme, Paul Ferrini and the toothache which showed me even pain can respond to love.

A grateful heart a garden is, and sometimes part of the Foundations too. All that’s left is to meet the bird which has decided to peck holes in our perception of sound…