Shameless Route Map

Extinction Rebellion, of which I’m a member, upholds this Value and Principle (No 8 of 10): ‘We avoid blaming and shaming. We live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.’ This is part of a route map to the kind of world I want to be aligned to, which honours ‘our nature’ - yes, even those who lash out wildly in anger, fear or with a false sense of responsibility or importance…

These unacceptable behaviours are consequences of habitual patterns many of us adopt when we feel threatened. The question is, how do we nurture self-government which adopts non-violent responses?

This feels important to share today. Copyright is waived, feel free to use with accreditation.

Blameless and Shameless Life!

This is the crux of love
crux of the symbol
heart of nature whether we like it or not
but when I blame or shame I dilute
its grandeur
and pollute, injure, squander

Nature’s web gives us our lead
irreverent and shameless
it holds every one blameless!
Still we do not learn and douse ourselves
in shame and blame’s dirty oil -
incendiaries which then inflame
our hearts’ already desert soil

Can we acknowledge we forget our nature
and ignore its non-judgemental core?
block our arteries from all the bloody wild which pumps
our hearts and keeps them raw?

This is the type of blood to keep our world alive
this is the blood without which we will not survive.

P.S. Some say that we need shame to bring us to our knees in grief…
No. Accept its presence [beat] but make your meeting with it personal and brief.
Shame is unattended guilt, and guilt – painful prompt to acts of restitution –
guilt calls for gentle understanding, shifts the silt
of pain, regret, self-harm
it asks me (me, alone since others’ lives I do not own)
am I poisoning our system further with my shame and blame
or learning to play clean in nature’s game?
for nature’s game insists not one of us is left out –
and often gives the tiniest player greatest clout!