On Swallows Wings

Sue Cartwright via Shutterstock

Sue Cartwright via Shutterstock

It’s swallow time. And the swallows introduce the ‘lodger’ in The Bird Garden.

The timing is opportune. The swallows are back. And in the world of Sue Cartwright it is time to return home, too… Home to what she does best: helping sole traders soar.

This parallels the symbolism of the swallow, which is associated with insight, gaining proper perspective and rising above the mundane. Nothing is mundane to a swallow or to Sue! Sue looks at clients’ worlds and websites with an eye for order, simplification and renovation. Using her innate sense of seeing from the heights and offering her organisational, communication and other skills to order and present their owners’ offerings in ways which are accessible and easy to manage.

And re-viewing books (heads up, mine included) with perspicacity and honesty. If you’re looking for something read which might inspire, inform or help your enterprise soar she has huge resources.

Currently transitioning to two new websites with her offerings, link soon to be added which will include the text version of the poem. In the meantime contact me if you want to be put in touch.

Sue’s a ‘bird’ of many talents. who is also one of nature’s givers. It’s instinctive. She knows how to make connections (and keep them), particularly in the ‘twitterverse’ @suecartwright. Often she’s been my ‘Mary Poppins’ helping ‘a spoonful of medicine go down’.

So here’s the song which forms the intro and outro to many of the audio tracks here. It’s the purest and most moving performance of ‘Feed the Birds’ I’ve come across. Take yourself to the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, allow yourself to be transported skywards on swallows wings by the heavenly voice of Mirusia and The Johann Strauss Orchestra, conducted by André Rieu or return home to yourself led by a kit of pigeons and a perhaps a tear or two…

… before drying our eyes and seeing who’s wearing feathers in their hats!

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