Waiting in the Wings

CU 2 Small Beauties.jpg

The real Bird Garden at Wild Poplars feeds me as much as the birds every morning. And although it won’t be open until early June, an acrostic flew in ahead of schedule so I thought I’d give you a taste of what’s waiting in the wings!

On waking, donning a woolly hat and wrapping my dressing gown tight around me, I totter down the steps of my static, with various different seed containers threatening to tumble out of still sleepy fingers. Eight pairs of tiny feet run towards me with barely audible little cheeps of undisguised pleasure. These pheasant hens (braver than their male counterparts who run equally fast in the opposite direction) make me a mother in a moment…

By the time I return inside, the kettle has boiled and I sit on a sagging green pouffe watching as various feathered families gather for breakfast.

These two precious hours - when poems fly in, insights swoop down and turn into prose, taste of simplicity, silence and precision. Exquisite. The broad skies unravel themselves wide, wide, seldom failing to elicit awe.

This privilege is huge, and I am deeply grateful. Cold and economies disappear into the landscape.

B eautiful
I deas
R eceived
D aily

G raceful
A irborne
R esidents
D ynamically
E xpressing their
N atures!

Who will you meet when the Bird Garden opens?

In no particular order: blackbirds, wren, robins, blue tits, great tits (Tweedledee and Tweedledum), coal tits, black-cap tits, long-tailed tits, sparrows, dunnocks, a charm of goldfinches (22 at the last count), green and spotted woodpeckers, Feisty (tiny, fierce but frail blue tit), fieldfares, kits, occasional buzzards, nuthatches, cock pheasants (‘Old Mr P pictured), pheasant hens, The Black Watch (a pair of jackdaws) sometimes joined by the hangers-on, jays, thrushes, pigeons, starlings, honking geese (late afternoon), owl (tawny I think) SO FAR… not forgetting a murder of writers and our Guest Poet who all live with the corvids.

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