Feathers in their Hats

Photo Credit  Tj Holowaychuk  |  Unsplash

Photo Credit Tj Holowaychuk | Unsplash

I’m finding it almost normal these days to see that the moment I bring focus to a subject, wherever I look there it is. Twitter is no exception. Hmm… what other social media channel would one expect to be filled with bird-lovers? 

This is the ‘furnishings’ post, the one which reflects ‘a grateful heart a garden is’. It’s always the last one to be written and is when I get to shower approbation on those whose presence has helped create this ‘sound space’. The ‘furnishings’ post always grows as I write, and this one in particular has seen a drift arrive like shy quails not quite bold enough to demand inclusion (but finding their way in nonetheless).  

In no particular order here are a few nests I’ve discovered via twitter which will enlarge your bird world in delightful ways: @BirdTherapy who has written an invaluable book as to how birds can help us heal when we are mentally tormented. I, too, have experienced this kind of healing from birds and @CarlBovisNature if you would like stunning bird photography punctuating your stream. When it comes to learning through listening you could do no better than follow and click the links from conductor and highly accessible bird-listener and master of entertaining tweets @LevParikian. 

And although they may be a little tired of the repetition, @RobMacfarlane and @JackieMorris have a perch here too, while they co-create ‘A Book of Birds’. Other writers – David Abram, Esther Woolfson, Regan Burke, Tanya Shadwick and Louisa Archer have their links within their own post here, and Steve Palin is honoured where he belongs, with the ‘winged collectives’.  Meet Sue Cartwright the lodger who helped fund The Bird Garden here.

Ted Andrews, I hope, smiles from his heavenly roost as he sees how his sellotaped, battered and annotated copy of Animal Speak is forever at my side and how his work lives on. And of course we have Resident Musician my own Wild Poplars’ robin and friends, along with a beautiful rendition of ‘Feed the Birds, plus the jewel of Carne Griffiths’ humming bird.

We have reached the furthest reaches of The Bird Garden. Thank you to all who’ve made it possible.

Where will our wings take us next? Wait and see… it’s a surprise!

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