Unexpected Antics

The birds do not try and fix anyone. They do not - as far as I’m aware - even try to fix themselves.

The birds are what they are. Like all of nature.

This post allows belief, outrage and its friend ‘outrageousness’ to leave their trails blazing across the sky and even allow faith and hope to return to the flock [see ‘Getting Naked’ in The Architect’s Shed for context].

Old Mr P | Liz Darcy Jones

Old Mr P | Liz Darcy Jones

But before we are amused, an unwelcome visitor to the Bird Feeder stops our path …

Unwelcome Visitor

The dawn went silent
fluttering stopped
a kite landed on the feeder
awkward, huge
and menacing

all hawk

I caught my breath
my feathered family hid -
I’m glad they did.

Kites usually grace the air-flows above Wild Poplars and nest at the bottom of the field. I hold them in high regard but come out and flap my arms wildly like a harrying crow if they circle ominously above the goldfinches and tits when they’re feeding. I would prefer they focused on large rodents (we have enough to spare).

This pair of poems celebrate the joy of being what you are - a freezing-toed pigeon or Feisty who - if I’d managed to film his unbelievable chutzpah - would have surely provided me with a viral video!

We spend more or less all our lives in the office. IT SHOULD BE FUN.’ Written in 1960 (59 years ago at time of writing) from the stuffy Senior Partner’s Room at Cazenove & Co, Stockbrokers. Half a century ahead of his time...
— Pearl's Pearl - Antony Hornby, Cazenove & Co, A History

And for us humans? Let us take the bird’s example. This doesn’t mean we ignore the world’s needs. When we are comfortable in our own skin we have the confidence and energy to direct our talents to contributing and responding without imposing. Of late, I’ve forgotten my own catch-phrase for the year - ‘tum-ti-tum’. What do I mean by that? To remember Winnie the Pooh and take life a little more lightly, to treat the unexpected antics of life as being part of the FUN.

FUN? Yes.

Here’s a litmus test to determine whether you are on the right or wrong spiritual path. ‘Are you having FUN?’
— Matt Khan 'You are the Way' on YouTube

But what about the birds who so many of think are on the path of thievery? Murder is in the air!

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Have fun and please let me know what you think about Feisty’s amazing feat (last poem) in the comments section below.