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I’d prefer your feedback comes as rhyme

But if that’s not your style?

Well, it’s no crime!

Week 3 - Effortless Rhyme

No longer a thinking kind of game
The mind’s too tired - there’s no shame
in finding rhyming’s a left and right brain task -
and to do it all the time is too much to ask

Although, with silence and sound as my default
what can arise is a kind of gestalt
with rhyme contributing now and then
as lips make music, or like now, my pen
flowing smoothly, swiftly and without a thought
hey! here’s the very thing I sought to say
before I knew it must be said
the pen has spoken heart to hand
without involvement of the head!

Is this possible? Yes! For anyone familiar with Biodanza (a wonderful music and movement discipline) the possibility of writing, or creating art without it becoming a ‘left brain’ thinking activity, an almost bodily act of art, may have been experienced. No doubt, too, this is experienced by many artists. There is a lovely Biodanza exercise - to music of course - entitled ‘The Poem is You’ which facilitates this.

Other insights have been to ensure I ASK if the listener(s) are happy for me to respond in rhyme before launching into it (it does change the dynamic immediately) and becoming increasingly aware of how the sounds of words have some common features e.g. high, sky, fly…

It’s been a quiet week at home here on the farm - to the extent that I have RECEIVED more rhyme than I’ve delivered - thank you Logan, ladies at the tills and other strangers and friends. How brilliant that the project is beginning to take on a life of its own.

My Wild Rhymer of the week is to be a lady very close to home who showed little enthusiasm for it in the beginning, but who is now ‘spouting’ in e-mails and on the telephone and making ripples of joy among her friends. It’s my darling mum, Noelle Leigh - and here’s one of my favourites. Simplicity and ‘bounce’ is all!

Off to get ourselves some lunch,
soup and rolls and not much crunch,
Plenty of fruit to make us smile,
And we'll have a snooze for a wee while!

Week 2 - Essential Allies

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Essential Allies

In barely conscious word association -
rain, wane, brain, drain, strain and pain
Week Two is gone -
it’s not a week I want to dwell upon…

… except to nod in gratitude to Serendipity
and the useful directions she’s pointed out to me
to Jonathan Haidt* on the ‘perpetual conflict over words’
and Polyvagal Theory** - how when we’re under threat
we hear higher frequencies like frightened birds!

But most of all Week Two brought this experiment’s
two allies to the fore:
silence and sound
what the ideal balance between them is? I’m not sure
but together these essential allies help me listen more.

*Johnathan Haidt article in The Evening Standard on Wednesday 9th October being interviewed by Katie Law about his book ‘The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up a Generation for Failure’. In the article he is quoted saying, ‘In a lot of justice movements on campus, I see ’justice’ that has no concern for due process, no forgiveness, no mechanism for reconciliation, and that treats people as exemplars of groups rather than based on what they’ve done or who they are.’

My Wild Rhymer of the week is Marion - my companion in the cattery - who has left me a little welcoming ditties in our handover notebook. Welcome to this joy-full tribe! And thanks to various unrepeatable ditties from my father and other rhyming quips from strangers in the streets.


**I have yet to delve into this further but thank Peter Burns for pointing me in the direction of Debbie Dana and how our ability to hear shifts when we believe we are in danger.

First weekly ditty uploaded Monday 7th October

So this is the Week One Summary poem which I suppose
ought to be prefaced with some heady prose
and may be later today - at the last minute -
I’ll scratch some time bound words
but the truth is rhyme and rhythm
and the appearing of strange birds -
a black pheasant, demented pheasant hen and a quail (I think)
led me to the brink
of listening with greater intent
to nature’s rhymes and rhythms: how I’ve spent
the past week is no more relevant
than you knowing where I am, was, or sat when this poem was wrote…
So is there anything to say of note?

Ahh…….. memory dances in
with images of flushed faces
each harbouring a grin
and rhyme (albeit faltering and stumbling)
scanning? not-always-hitting-the-spot
but touching the now with something time forgot
responding, capping and pausing and ushering in
the blush of expressing
from the lips of the timeless child - girl or boy -
making a sound

unbound yet edged with joy.

© Liz Darcy Jones, 6th October 2019

Some very ‘unheady’ prose… It’s been an amazing week. I’m on the receiving end of rhyme - at supermarket checkouts, from friends, families and strangers. If you want the whole story you’ll have to become an ‘imbiber’ (I won’t use the term subscriber).

Instead I’m going to share - with his permission - my ‘pick of the week’ from Glenn Oldham in response to updating him on something (in rhyme). And to say thank you to all the people who’ve dared to discover that they, too are wild rhymers. You know who you are. Share your rhyme in the comments below. And share this page, so we can engage, in a different way with love and not rage…

I had keyhole surgery. What goes on?
The keyholes are small but keys are long!

followed by…

It’s true I have still more I’d like to say
But it has been a long and busy day
So as for news there will be more from us
After time in the realm of Morpheus

Until next week

be happy and bonkers in the time of conkers

best poetic