#12weekrhymespeak rules

These are The Rules for Wild Rhyming Fools
but not recommended for intellectuals!

  1. This game is fun.
    Free and open to everyone.

  2. This is noncompetitive. There are no winners.
    Every rhyme is honoured, we don’t have categories of ‘experts’ or ‘complete beginners’

  3. If you’re lost for a particular rhyming word
    make a rhyming sound, no matter how absurd

  4. This can be daunting for people on the receiving end,
    if someone looks uncomfortable be a friend first, lend your ears
    lean in and bend to the joy of listening and saying less

  5. You can use sounds - ‘ah and oh’, no and yes
    take it lightly, laugh when trying to speak’s a mess
    and remember Wild Rhymers seek to bless…

Want to join in for a while?
Great! Be warned it may well make you smile…

Use #wildrhymer, tweet in rhyme - it’s that simple,
this entitles you to wear a Wild Rhymer’s cowl or wimple
(not supplied but any hat will do - poets and hats go together, all poets know that this is true).

Join in with #wildrhymetimehour starting in November,
after #smallbeautieshour on Mondays,
9 to 10 pm so easy to remember…

Not on twitter? Here’s your roost.
Add rhyme as a blog comment
it will give me such a boost.

It’s also the place where I will send ’imbibers’ to
to read your feed back and my weekly summary
Go on, leave a comment even if it’s just ‘thank you’!