Lego and Bears

Bears? Ah… as in Message To Bears aka Jerome Alexander who’s given a ‘thumbs up’ to be Resident Musician in The Architect’s Shed. You’ll have heard a clip from the featured track ‘Find Our Way Home’ as the intro/outro on each poem bar Anna Le’s.

Message to Bears plays scuffling wet leaves, plucks harp-strings of the mind and heart simultaneously. He’s organic, rooted in a fluid language we all understand. He’s one instrument which plays all sounds. The bears must love him! Run through the woods and find Message To Bears - here, and here, and on twitter here

As a baby crone, I hadn’t heard of Jerome, although I recognised his music and have danced Biodanza to it. The organic nature of his work make him the perfect one to grace the Architect’s Shed because he’ll make sure you’re also connected to outside. Thanks for supporting! Here’s the track in full.

Nth Entities Cover.jpg

As for Lego? I’m looking to re-connect with the amazing poet and old friend who called herself Anna Le way back in 2011. She also happens to be an owner of ‘Lego Limbs’ (a witty and intimate poem about bed manners) which is one of the pieces in ‘Nth Entities’ - a collection which is far more than the sum of its parts. It’s a book and CD combined, co-created with Phil Manzanera. Anna is Guest Poet without portfolio as I can’t track her down, although I can point you where you can buy Nth Entities (it’s now a collectors’ item).

Anna and I met through the Poetry Society’s Tuesday Open Mic night, ‘Unplugged’. She was for a while a member of a five piece poetic ‘hand’ called ‘The Dirty Hands Collective’ along with Richard Marsh, Peter Hayhoe, Amy Acre and Katie Bonna (all gobsmackingly good poets in whose company I would be a bit wobbly, and honoured to perform!)

‘Wouldn’t this be a bit better if one of us had Lego limbs?’ - poetic lego brick from Anna Le’s ‘Lego Limbs’ Photo by  Rishi Deep  on  Unsplash

‘Wouldn’t this be a bit better if one of us had Lego limbs?’ - poetic lego brick from Anna Le’s ‘Lego Limbs’
Photo by Rishi Deep on Unsplash

Two amazing artists to be first inhabitants of Wild Poplars, but I couldn’t be happier for them to find themselves together in the Architect’s Shed!

And if anyone knows where I can find Anna please point her in my direction…

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Who’s left in the Architect’s Shed? No one human but a beautiful non-human is circling up above, on whose wings we will be transported to the Foundations.