Which bird's eye view?

Swallow-tailed kite | Credit via Wikipedia by  William H. Majoros - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Swallow-tailed kite | Credit via Wikipedia by William H. Majoros - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If Wild Poplars had no wildlife it wouldn’t exist. That’s a fact of life we - as humans - too often forget. But in each of these spaces at least one non-human will be honoured and have a reason to be here. Indeed, sometimes there will be far more non-humans than humans to be found!

Our language is a murmuration of metaphors, we use symbolism to conjure up creatures of all kinds. Sometimes our references are unkind and inappropriate and we dishonour our fellow beings when we do this.

However, I love symbolism and analogy pointing us to the wisdom of those who wear different skin to ours, especially when it’s feathers.

In the case of the Architect’s Shed there is a hawk circling above us. It is the magnificent swallow-tailed kite. Throughout the curation of The Architect’s Shed I have been visited daily by kites (although they’ve been red rather than swallow-tailed, which I’d have to go to North America to see). And on 28th January 2019 when I started the first post one screamed not six feet above Wild Poplars as if to say, ‘yes, yes, I live here’.

What might this stunning bird symbolise?

K eeper of
I ntelligence
T eaching
E ffortlessness

This description of her as a totem animal highlight her beautiful aspects:

Kites are one of the most graceful at flying and will teach how to do the same. She will show how to maximize results with little or no effort. Observe carefully what is around you as resources will appear. She will help make decisions by illuminating what is black and white along with the polarities you may be experiencing. She will enhance this clarity. Kite will bring about truths and wisdom while keeping the watery emotions in balance.

Credit: Star Stuffs Dictionary of Animal Spirit Totems, more here.

What better bird to keep ‘watery emotion in balance’ and illuminate my plans for Wild Poplars with clarity! And as I do a final bit of research I come across this quote: ‘She helps in building a solid base with strong roots’ [online source unattributed].

So, let our kite take us onward… and if you’re interested in ‘strong roots’ the Foundations is just the place!