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Biodanza Time has ‘declared’ as part of the Culture Declares Emergency initiative. See our declaration below.

Why? Because we honour the Biocentric Principle that ‘all life is sacred’. This means, in the words of the founder of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda, ‘if you are connected with life you are automatically installed in a political position: that of one who defends life and fights exploitation and injustice.’

We urge you to visit the Culture Declares Emergency site and consider declaring as an individual or for your enterprise. And alongside this, to make your mark and take action by becoming a ‘Rebel for Life’ through joining Extinction Rebellion!

Rolando Toro also said, ‘The Biocentric Principle is rebellious.’

Biodanza Time declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency

As part of the Culture Declares Initiative, Biodanza Time declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency today, Tuesday 3rd April 2019. We pledge to support our community and local government in tackling this Emergency, and we call on others to do the same.

These are our intentions:

1. We will tell the Truth

Governments, and their public broadcasters and cultural agencies, must tell the truth about the Climate and Ecological Emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and communicate the urgency for far-reaching systemic change.

We will encourage those we engage with to discover the truth about the Emergency and the changes that are needed. We take inspiration from the founder of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda, who said,

‘If you are acting from the Biocentric Principle**, you take part in the Ecological Resistance Movement: you demand clear (unpolluted) rivers, you defend the respect for fauna and flora.’

2. We will take Action

Governments must enact legally binding policy measures to reduce emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels.

We pledge to work towards reducing our emissions to net zero* by 2025.

We will challenge policies and actions of local and national governments and their agencies, where we interact with them, which do not help to reduce emissions or consumption levels.

We will actively work to model ways which engender healthy and restorative environments which regenerate the planet’s resources and connection to all life.

3. We are committed to Justice

The emergency has arisen from deeply systemic injustices. Art – in its widest sense – can embody, nurture and share biocentric shifts in the ways we relate to one another and the world, in our values and behaviours.

Through its Biodanza activities, Biodanza Time will provide space and time for non-verbal expression in its community about how the Emergency will affect them and create regenerative environments.

We will support demands for more democracy within our civic institutions and government.

We believe that all truth-telling, action and democratic work must be underpinned by a commitment to justice based on intersectional principles.

Declaration ends.

*Net zero means that on balance one's activities are zero emissions, taking into account all possible Greenhouse Gas emissions and actions taken to mitigate or offset those emissions.

** The Biocentric Principle is ‘All life is sacred.’