Poems, dance and song from where we belong…
by Wild Rhymer, Liz Darcy Jones


Pearl and Morie invite you to
click on the window you'd like to step through…

Wild Poplars

The gates to a free virtual listening place have opened, although its only at the ‘early-build’ stage.

Wild Poplars is the home my poems have been impatiently waiting for! While drumming their fingers they’ve made friends with musicians, artists, fellow poets and supporters and some of them want to live here too.

They’ll whisper comforting sounds, chant rhymes to shock you and verses to rock you, music to invigorate, words to liberate and art and prose to delight the eye.

Finn the Irish Wolfhound would love you to walk with him there now!


‘Underneath the Smiling Tree: Sleepy Rhymes for Troubled Times’ is an audio book to accompany a limited edition print of the stunning illustration by Nicola Chestnutt which graces this page.

It will be available in mid-November and is for little and not-so-little people who find going to sleep difficult.

Let the ‘creatures of the dark’ - Tia the Barn Owl, Infinity the Spider and Rak the Badger - lead you to sleep ‘Underneath the Smiling Tree’ with Finn the loyal Irish Wolfhound curled up beside you.

The audio book will also be available without the print so it’s accessible irrespective of budget. You can also find details of how to commission a poem for a beloved friend or family member here too.

Biodanza Time!

Need to get back in balance, inhabit your heart and body rather than a stressed or frazzled head? Biodanza opens up a space where the clock stops and your body resets to its default of well being.

I’m preparing to facilitate daytime Biodanza classes in Surrey to help expand this remarkable non-verbal regenerative movement and music discipline, launching early 2020.

Biodanza is an antidote and comfort to the challenging times we’re living in - and to the demand to relate in so many mediums except the one that uses all our senses called ‘real life’! Biodanza re-establishes our connection as part of nature.

Relaxing and restorative, with no steps to learn, dancing in a friendly group, Biodanza is a place where you’re ‘free to be all of me’ and what this usually engenders is the joy of feeling you belong…

To be invited to free tasters, talks and tea put your name on the list here!