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  1. Until Christmas: You can ‘imbibe’ in hearing in both prose and rhyme how my #12weekrhymespeak project is rolling out. I’m sending send this out weekly around 5 pm on a Monday.

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My theme for 2019 is…  




Tum-ti-tum it sounds like a hum… And it is!

As the WORLD hunkers down to tackle climate change and a host of other troubles, there’s a little bit of Pooh Bear or the Taoist in me which hums, ‘tum-ti-tum’ just like Pooh hums ‘tiddly-pom-tiddly-pom’. The effect is instant! It plants me somewhere which is peace-full, opens a window to serendipity and lightens me up.

As I put my head down to share ‘Underneath the Smiling Tree: Sleepy Rhymes for Troubled Times’ I need to remind myself of the presence of the ‘not-so-foolish-fool’, Finn the Irish Wolfhound. So if you hear me humming or talking in rhyme, you’ll know why - it’s all Finn’s and Pooh Bear’s fault!