Once upon a few years ago I was dubbed 'Britain's Tea Poet'. It heralded a whirl of travels and performances with my little book, 'Distinguished Leaves: poems for tea-lovers'. In it, teas come to life as poetic characters sharing their secrets... 

Looking down writing PORT.jpg

Although my repertoire and creative activities are expanding far beyond the world of tea, it still fascinates and isn't quite finished with me! 

Of course there will be a Tea House on the Wild Poplars Estate  where you can virtually experience the magic of this universal drink which both stimulates and relaxes at the same time.  And 'The Now of Tea - a Tea-Lover's response to the Tao de Ching' is steeping.

Want to read something now? 

I have a handful of copies of 'Distinguished Leaves' left (it is now out of print). If you'd like to purchase a copy be in touch and I'm happy to supply for £7.99 including postage & packing (UK only).


Richard and I are great loose leaf tea fans. Spirits will lift as the Tea Poet makes tea come to life in such enchanting verse.
— Lady Joan Branson about 'Distinguished Leaves'