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Biodanza − what’s that?!

Biodanza's a liberating, restorative music and movement system experienced throughout the world – by adults, teenagers and children from all walks of life. It’s underpinned by the ‘Biocentric Principle’ - ‘all life is sacred’.

Through a combination of music, dance and being with the group, Biodanza uplifts, relaxes and restores. Like a really good cup of tea, it’s impossible to put into words exactly! Why do it? Because Biodanza creates the perfect conditions to drop the roles you wear, relieve you of putting on a brave face and - paradoxically - frees you to be a greater part of your community: engendering dignity, sensitivity and connection.

Leaving your story behind you, Biodanza Time is a time to explore feeling ‘free to be all of me’ without words getting in the way.

In a Biodanza class the vibrancy of life dances itself into your bones and feels good. And you get to rest, too, like you did as a child in a group who care for one other. It’s deliciously restorative and transformative!

Age is irrelevant. You’re led by the music with simple instructions, always within the freedom of what you can do in the moment. The music ignites joy, well being and a stronger sense of who you are. Instinctively and naturally, the longing for intimacy rises to the surface and opens possibilities of tender connection - with yourself, others and the world. We all want to feel complete. Biodanza re−sets us back to wholeness, deep within our cells. Emotional troubles, mental worries and physical problems can dissolve of their own accord. Biodanza puts us back in touch with the best of the ‘real’ world. It’s an honour to share this, so if you’d like to discover more over a taster and tea (or coffee) sign up here and I’ll let you know. Or be in touch now!

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For children, Biodanza is a den in which to get comfy in their own skins, make friends and discover the joy of a device-free space.

In a safe environment children can discover what it is to feel really connected inside and out, learning more about nature and their place in the world. And - bizarre though it may seem - the lost art of how to recognise signs to rest and surrender to them may also be (re)discovered!

Without online stimulation, friendships are forged as the musical story unfolds. During short but progressive holiday sessions instinctive 'affective intelligence' is developed. Keen to see these in Newbury? Ping back an e-mail with ‘Yes’ in the subject line and your children's ages so I can measure interest!

I’m fully qualified to facilitate Biodanza with Children and Teenagers, and one of a growing body of ‘Contact Educators’ who recognise the emotional, physical and mental benefits of this element of our education. Currently acquiring DBS checked status. Fully insured via People Dancing (member).

When and where?

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In the Newbury area once there’s sufficient demand and the time feels right. Tell me what you’d like to see and I’ll ensure your preferences are factored in.

E-mail or telephone or text and I’ll be in touch to have a chat or put your name on the list I’m gathering so I can let you know when we have our first taster session.

Want to do it now?

Visit The Biodanza Association Website and you'll find a list of all the facilitators across the UK. Or join me as a participant at Ruth's class which I've attended since 2011 in Richmond Upon Thames . You'll be in for a treat either way - but if you want to chat to me afterwards at Richmond, phone or e-mail me in advance to ensure I'm going that evening.