Feedback withdrawing from Biodanza Association UK

In a short e-mail advising my resignation as Chair, the Biodanza Association Committee and BAUK on June 1st, I offered feedback to explain the reasons. Here they are. It feels honest and transparent to make this available to all who are curious – and in a way which saves speculation and repetition. Please take what is useful.

First: over 2 ½ months of being ‘in office’ I realised that our group had very limited time to give attention to the project we promised to deliver at the AGM or other initiatives. This meant giving more time than originally envisaged and - as a consequence - neglecting things vital to my being. These now demand absolute focus and commitment.

The second - and perhaps more important reason - came to light as a result of the healing and unifying (to me) ‘London Teachers Vivencia’ on Sunday 26th May which was made available to all teachers irrespective of membership. It made me realise I had doubts about the association being the body through which to create a thriving Biodanza community. Rather, dancing together and beginning to feel comfortable sharing feedback openly (irrespective of status) felt ‘more biocentric’.

To continue would not be being honest and presented a dilemma.

Meanwhile, at our Committee meeting on Monday 27th May a continuing lack of confidence in my ‘leadership style’ was upheld by some members and the ‘Review and Revitalise Overview’ document I’d crafted and shared to provide first steps in the project had little, if any, support. This confirmed my decision to withdraw.

I fully accept my share of errors made during this period. On agreeing to serve at the AGM I welcomed getting to know my fellow Committee members and the membership better with joy, using my skills ahead of starting to facilitate Biodanza sessions. It felt and still feels like a good contribution, although it has not nurtured me the way I imagined. Overall, it has been an experience of immeasurable value which I choose to celebrate. I hope it has brought others riches too.

I look forward to dancing with you and supporting BAUK’s development in the future, albeit ‘from a distance’ for now.

with love


P.S. The gentle presence which is more present in my life as a result of this experience will be shared when I take Ruth’s class (where I’m a longstanding regular member) on Wednesday 19th June in Richmond in a Vivencia entitled ‘Being Affective Animals’. You are very warmly invited to join us.