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Why this is about ‘PEARL’

Pearl lives inside me, along with ‘Morie’, her lover. I need to be ‘PEARL’ to be in touch with you, the world and my senses. She breathes life into my words. How? because she stands for being:

P resent
E ngaged
A nd
R eally
L istening

Metaphors and stories - mainly from nature - rain down constant insights about the inner and outer worlds we inhabit. The pitter-patter of rhyme - mother of rap and spoken word - have fallen into disuse among adults. But it enriches our connection with life. By sharing rhyme, poetry and occasional prose, perhaps your life will be enriched too.

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As for me?

I go by the name of Liz Darcy Jones, thrive in nature, engaging one-to-one, dancing Biodanza and writing. My family include pheasants, spiders, voles, woodpeckers, tits, robins, a thrush and visiting sheep. Enriching connection doesn’t only extend to humans which is why I join friends in actions to honour all life as sacred. Our planet’s health and our part in disrupting it grieves me, as do the inequalities and violence of the society I’m often uncomfortable being a part of.

However, the joy of rhyme arriving unannounced and its imperative to come alive through my pen is like no other!

And - to me - it’s best spoken out loud, listened to or read from a book in your hands. It’s why so little of my verse is published online. Like Wendy Cope, I dislike the phrase ‘light verse’. Poems need to be simple because we hear them with our hearts not our heads. ‘Light verse’ can often be dark, provocative and illuminate the complex.